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My Emacs Packages

I occasionally write Emacs packages and put them up on my Github page and some of them do appear in your local package manager also.

Here’s a complete list of packages I have released and what they do.

combobulate.el: Structured Movement and Editing

If you like Paredit and wish it worked in other languages, check out the prototype package I am working called combobulate.

Github Link: combobulate

ligature.el: Ligature Support in Emacs

Emacs 27 added native ligature support. This package will help you enable both traditional and programming ligatures in major modes of your choice.

Full Article: Unicode, Ligatures and Color Emoji

Github Link: ligature.el

discover.el: discover more of Emacs

discover.el improves Emacs’s discoverability by tying Magit’s excellent “popup” system to ordinary prefix keymaps in Emacs.

Full Article: discover.el: discover more of Emacs with Context MEnus

Github Link: discover.el

Makey: Flexible Context Menu system

This is the package that powers discover.el.

Github Link: makey

Smart Scan

Smart Scan jumps to other symbols in the buffer your point is on when you trigger it. It does this, unlike ISearch, without prompts or confirmation; you tell it to go up or down, and if there’s another symbol with that name above or below you it will go there.

Full Article: Smart Scan - jump between symbols in your buffer

Github Link: smart-scan.el

dirswitch.el: fish-style directory switching

A friend of mine showed off Fish Shell and how, with a few key presses, you can cycle through directories you’ve visited previously. I decided to code the exact same thing in Emacs.

Full Article: dirswitch.el fish-shell-style directory switcher for Shell Mode

Github Link: dirswitch.el

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